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*~*Ryan David Kerr*~* 15 as of April 25th 2012 Barrie, Ontario canada.. not even thinking twice about my address this is all you get perverts oh and now single cum the fuck at me. <3
Anonymous asked:
just date eachother!! :)

We don’t have those feelings for each other fuck my life :c

Anonymous asked:
i follow your tumblr gf and i see you asked her out!!??!!?

Not actually fml -.-

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Anonymous asked:
it breaks my heart dat u dnt see dat u n holly make a amazing couple she sems like she makes u happy

Well I can’t predict the future.. but yes she really does make me happy and I truly do never want her too leave my life or anything like that in anyway she means the world too me as a friend and a tumblr girl friend and i hope she reads this ;) because i fricken love her. but ya enough mushy stuff :$  I realize anyone could be a good couple if they both put the effort into being together they could be anyone could be no matter what :) but hey that’s just my opinion :$

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Anonymous asked:
ur awesome possum :3

thankyou. you two anon C;

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Anonymous asked:
well u think she can do better but u guys are perfect 4 eachother

ooh, true well we are only friends at the moment but thanks for the motivation and stuff :$