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*~*Ryan David Kerr*~* 15 as of April 25th 2012 Barrie, Ontario canada.. not even thinking twice about my address this is all you get perverts oh and now single cum the fuck at me. <3
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oh you will<333 :*

good :* <33333 wonderland again soon and scaring the shitt out of your father with our epic dancing.. :$:$:$ ? please <33 LOLOLOL

hey tumblr bf , just had to tell you ily<333333

Love you too babbbbeez ;* <3  i better see you soon :$

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Ryan ily <3

ily2 <3

You're such a sweet and cute boy ! <3

That’s you qt

Anonymous asked:
what r u looking forward to the most this summer and why??

No school and going to camp.. Because I don’t have to wake up early and I get away for a bit

Anonymous asked:
WOW @ tumblrdatinggame(.)com WTF is this.. my little brother's roommate is on this and I think I saw you too lol